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Thread: BadBlock reviews wanted

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    Quote Originally Posted by codename_B View Post
    The code is all completely separate from blockscript, but obviously if I wanted a free, open source alternative to something I'd want to have a similar featureset.

    Like how openoffice is to microsoft office for example. Some people would rather have something free and open source rather than pay upwards of $100 for it. Not everyone, but some people.
    I realise that, and I love being able to actually see the code that will be running on my site.

    I think it's essential to have unencoded source, just to know there is nothing being hidden from you such as backdoors, stealth tracking and just plain bad coding, but still I wonder does your script really need to look just like blockscript too ?

  2. Not really :P

    Once I've got all the functionality I want from the script, I'll work up a new, sexy css file for the ACP, for now I'll leave it as is because it's simple and functional Auto Approval Proxy List Free Text File Hosting

  3. Btw, thankyou SOOO much for the link to bad behaviour, the user agent blocking there has saved me LOADS of work

    I've also got Maxwell's geoip plugin working, all inclusive to the script.

    Had to do some wierd referencing to get the things to work, but hopefully it works when it's tested on servers other than mine.

    I've not updated to version 0.2 yet on google code as there's still lots of testing I need to do, but your suggestions have been extremely helpful. This script is really evolving well now.


    Logging is working now, how would you guys like it formatted? I tried to format it to be as basic as possible with just ip and time.
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  4. New release!

    BadBlock 0.2c

    This version contains logging, better bad useragent blocking, ip whitelisting and custom error message pages. As the bad user agent blocker progresses it should also be of use to forums etc.

    The option to redirect to another url has been removed for now in favour of custom error pages but of course you can put this in the script if you feel so inclined.

    Please test it out and let me know what you think.


    Created a google group for the project.
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