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    Blog Review

    Hello friends

    Watch Free Movies Online This is my blog which is related to online movies. Please give your review on it.

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    Few comments for you:
    1 - Good looking layout
    2 - You may want to put a warning up about how you don't host these movies yourself to avoid getting shutdown by Google, etc and on the user side of things how you can't control the multiple pop-ups on the sites that have the movies....
    3 - Also a warning about ensuring you have antivirus software installed before viewing since you have no control over the people hosting the 12 year old about killed her computer by turning her antivirus off while going to a similar movie site, and I had to kill 6 hours removing a nasty scareware virus that brought a lot of other nasties with it....

    We'll not touch the issue about the legality of the folks posting the movies you're writing about/posting about less-than-legally here...

    Comments 2 and 3 are handled by the sites we run across here in Germany when looking for American TV/movie content and haven't been shut down/ are widely used.

    4 - I would get my own URL to avoid direct shutdown if you're keeping this site up and it makes money for you.

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    Website looks good but landing page speed is more than 4 seconds.

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