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Thread: Blogging Kid

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    For your first blog, it seems to have taken off nicely, so congratulations on that!

    Content-wise, you're doing well but definitely need to update maybe 2 or 3 times a week when possible. What I'd suggest is, when you publish your next post, write another 2 posts but keep them in your drafts so you can publish one in a couple of days after the first, and the other after another two or three days. Just repeat this cycle, and your blog will grow.

    On the design side of things, I'd recommend hiring somebody to provide you with something custom. In my own point of view, I feel that using a design which hundreds of others may be using, isn't professional.

    Pre-made designs don't look as good also when you add your own elements such as the 'Subscribe to my feed' and 'Follow me on Twitter' area, they look randomly placed without much thought put into them.

    That's just my opinion, keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks a lot for your opinion Josh. As you said really I write all my posts within an hour and publish it. I have going lack of time due to school. Anyway as you said I'll soon try to change the theme.
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    You've built your blog well, Harish. You can tweak the design a bit to make it more attractive. Why don't you do something different for bringing buzz to your blog? Stuff like interviews, etc. Those will give your blog a lot of traffic, etc.

  4. I really like your blog, mostly because of what it stands for. I think it has a lot of potential because there are a lot of kids who are on the internet that are looking to make a little bit of money, while they spend their time at home. If you keep up the good work with the articles and traffic, I think your site will become a pretty big hit.

    Nice work, keep it up!

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    The design is good but not great. The quality of your articles is stellar though. Content is key so you have the most important part realized.

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