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    Exclamation Check for me.......

    Please go to the following page: How to Make Six Figures as an Internet Marketer

    Check for me whether you see the same as me that the words wasn't display correctly, the words which has ' in it become ?

    For e.g. ----- today's become today?s
    --------------- it's become it?s

    Please check it and let me know what you see, thanks!!

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    yeah, apostrophes are question marks..

    The average corporate employee makes a decent paycheck, but those who take home six figures are in the minority. So you ask yourself, is it even possible to expect or even try to make such a large amount of money in today?s global economic downturn?

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    I see the question marks as well, did you copy it from a word doc or anything?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandon Sheley View Post
    I see the question marks as well, did you copy it from a word doc or anything?

    I cut and paste from NotePad, but if I type in the message I think there is no problem. Also some old posts have these problems too, before it's ok.

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