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Thread: Check out the best tech site in the world!

  1. Check out the best tech site in the world!

    Expert Computer Hardware Reviews, Tech News and Support | revHardware !!

    Well I think its pretty damn good :P What do you all think of my site? Any tips and advice is MORE than welcome!

    I want to make this site GREAT and with your help, maybe I can!

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    Its a decent site, but its far away from best.

    Frontpage article listing is boring.

    Content is copied and not original. Why should someone pick your site for reading copied content.
    I cant find anything about many many hardware I aim to buy for example Ikari gaming mouses.

    However it is noticable that lot of work is in the site and someone looked on details.

    Btw onpage seo looks ok too.

    Generally nice site.

    I would only change the frontpage article format listing to some grid portal version. It would be lot more efficient and interesting. And start adding some cool not boring not copied content.

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