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Website Name: Count to 1,000,000
Website link: Count to 1,000,000

There is a form that you type a comment in and a link advertisement. When you post it is instantly added to the list and adds one number to the count. For every advertisement you post, it adds one to the count for that ad and if you post enough, it will be added to the top ranks for the past 24 hours or the past 3 hours.

There are always forums with Count to 1,000,000 games so I decided to make a site about it. But, with this site, you get your site advertised with it as well. Also, if you post the x100 posts, your post is in bold, x1000, your post is bold and red, x10000, your post is bold and gold and dark bground, x100000, your post is bold, black, dark bground, a larger column that stands out alot more, and there will be a list forever with your ad at the top of the page.

All porn and bad words are filtered out, no html or php is allowed, so spam shouldn't be an issue.


Site Advertising has been added. Anyone can create a advertisement link that when someone visits that link, it adds one point for your advertisement and brings you up higher on the rankings. I created one for this site, so everyone who visits the below link will be boosting the rankings for this forum promotion site.

Count to 1,000,000