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    Site Name: dark Community

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    Opening Date: 2nd February 2010

    Review Type: (Content / Community / Mix) Content

    Other Information: Thanks!

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    Reported pending by Gabriel

    Your assessment application is currently pending because of the reason stated below.

    If you have problem with anything private message Nero he will get back to you immediately.

    Reason: Your website is down so post in here when it is back up and running so your assessment can be processed

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    Assessment Complete

    Your assessment has now been completed. The cash has been deducted from your account and this review has now been archived.

    Thanks for using admin community.

    Here is your receipt

    Admin Community Assessments.

    Review type - 'Content'

    Reviewer Name - 'Gabriel'

    Total deducted - '$35 AC'

    Total time taken - '1 hour'

    Dark Community Review:

    General Appeal & Impression Scale

    When I first loaded Dark Community, i liked the simple design of the forum. The one thing that bothered me slightly was the fact that once scrolling, the background didn't follow, this got on my nerves slightly, but not enough to make me leave. I would suggest using a solid color background though. The forum was organized pretty well in my opinion, however I would have liked to see more forums and categories to give users a wider range of posts, thus creating a more active community. Unfortunately, the forum wasn't that active either. Not one forum had a new post! To fix that, advertise around on similar forums with a similar focus, in your case general discussion or technology, to get more users and with that, more active users. Maybe an award such as user of the month or member of the month would persuade users to become more active! Overall, I would consider joining this forum when I am less busy, it seems like it has good potential, but needs more time and work put into it, and some users that are willing to post more useful and engaging posts!

    Score: 17/20

    Flow and the "wow effect" Tally

    In my personal opinion, the colors of the forum go pretty nice together, at least on the default theme! The colors cyan and white go really well together. The only bad thing, as I will repeat myself from the first category, is that the background doesn't match very well, and is somewhat distracting, to me anyways! The layout is clean, nice, and very easy to browse. All categories stand out, and text is easy to read. One of the things that caught my eye was the dark grey, it really made the other 2 colors stand out more, thus making a better theme overall! The theme and colors are great, a very good job done in this section, I am very impressed as I am usually a hard reviewer on themes! To get your score 20/20, I would like to see a solid color background, but the theme works great as it is! The one thing I absolutely did not like very much was that the theme did not match the forum title very well, I was expecting a darker theme from the name "Dark Community" but the theme is the least of your problems!

    Score: 19/20

    Content Interest Survey

    The posts on this forum are not very engaging. Most seem to be put together rather fast, and brief. I see nothing wrong with brief posts, however they need to become more engaging! For example, do not simply post "I like ____." try to explain why, therefore, the next user can debate on your opinion by agreeing or disagreeing with it! So far in this assessment, engaging posts is where this forum lacks most at. Another thing this forum seems to lack at little bit is explaining and or providing examples in posts. I've noticed a post containing only "I would like a darker theme". Maybe provide examples of dark themes, links and maybe colors you'd like incorporated into the theme! I suggest persuading your users in some way to make more engaging, thoughtful posts that contribute to forum activity. Overall, this forum has an average content score!

    Score: 13/20

    Customer Navigation Report

    The former is pretty well organized. I opened up this assessment by commenting on the forum's organization. I can see that the admin(s) have taken their time in making sure the forums are easily accessible to users. The clean themes makes reading text easier, which also makes navigation easier, this forum has impressed me quite a lot in it's organization! Every forum is placed in it's proper Category, which makes finding what you need easier! For example, if you feel like discussing technology, go to the "Computers & Internet" Section. The one thing I didn't like too much about this is that the general discussion forum is placed at the bottom, usually, I see it at the top, and the general discussion provides most forums with a lot of posts! Overall, great job on making user navigation simple, fast and convenient!

    Score: 19/20

    Visitor Appeal Study

    Your forum is very appealing to me, personally. A few mistakes here and there are found on this forum, but they would not affect my choice of joining or not in a negative way. The choice of themes is pretty nice in my opinion, because most forums provide only 2 themes, rarely 3 or more, this forum has 4 (maybe 5 if you have 2 different themes named Default). I have done a lot of repeating in this review because I felt that bringing certain things in to focus was a good thing for this forum, and I will do it again, if I were not as busy as I currently am in real life, and in the forum world, I would consider joining this forum, and possibly helping it become more active. As much as this forum had it's ups and downs, it attracted me in a positive way. This forum has great potential, and could use some touch ups here and there, and could become a great forum if it's activity gets going more!

    score: 18/20

    Total Score: 86/100

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