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    Opening Date: 14th Oct 2004

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    Nice site

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    I cannot apologise enough for the 2 month delay. Anyway here is the completed assessment.

    Friendliness of Staff & Members: Having been a member on the forum for a long time, I know for a fact that the staff are friendly as are the members. There is very little flaming to be seen. This is an area that needs very little work and you’ve already achieved this.

    Number of Active Members It’s clear to see by just the index page that you have a variety of posters and a decent amount of active members. Then by looking at some of the forums, it’s clear the levels of discussion you have are at a high level. Quite a few threads have several pages of replies or more and the majority of threads have responses into double figures. This suggests a good strong community. Despite this, I noticed had a lack of response from members. This is an announcement which should prompt more replies then it did and it shows perhaps a slight lack in dedicated active members. Nonetheless, on the whole your forum does have a lot of active members and this is not something you need to work on much.

    Staff Interaction: The interaction between staff seems to be ok by what I can tell. Using the thread to highlight a lack of active members as an example, you clearly have good communication between yourself and your co-administrator. This is further shown by your profile, which shows you interacting well with your co-administrator once again. However, I looked at your two moderators profiles and saw no comments. This could be something that could be worked on, communicating well publicly with moderators, and profile comments would be a great way to show this.

    Quality of posts: After taking a look at a relatively small sample of posts, it would be fair to say that the balance of long and short posts on the forum is reasonable. A lot of short one line posts are made however being a laid back community; I don’t see this being too much of a problem. Also there are a fair few long posts which shows your forum isn’t a spam fest at all. Overall the quality of posts is good though despite me saying what I’ve said, try and cut down on the amount of posts made in forum games/spam. Quite a large percentage of posts seem to be made in these sections.

    Community Interest: Your community seem to be quite interested in the forum, but for a second time I’m going to refer to the apology thread. It got a lack of replies from members and this shows a lack of community interest to me. However as already mentioned, threads are getting a decent amount of responses so it’s clear the community still care about your forum. On the whole once again a good job but the lack of replies to the announcement was a letdown.

    Uniqueness of the Community: I’d say your community was fairly unique. A Mario kart forum (you can still tell through the icons!) converted into a general discussion forum already gives you a unique platform. The community in itself isn’t anything really unique but it’s a fun community nonetheless. Overall you have a fun, enjoyable community, some original ideas and being a former Mario Kart forum a good foundation for uniqueness.

    Final Remarks: On the whole your forum is excellent. Maybe activity needs to pick up a little bit but even there, it’s not anywhere near dead. Also you could maybe offer members some more incentive to post as community interest is an area that maybe needs a little working on, but as I already said, your forum overall is great. A job well done and a pleasure to review.

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