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Thread: Debt Consolidation website, i need your feedback.

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    Debt Consolidation website, i need your feedback.

    Hello, i just finished uploading a new website design for this website : Debt Consolidation Union - Bill Consolidation - Debt Relief, please review my site.

    Thanks a lot.


  2. It's a pretty site, but the sound has got to go. Sound is a big no-no on web sites.

    When I looked under the hood, I was surprised to see tables and spacer graphics used for layout. This is 2009 and CSS is here to stay.

    I found no ALT tags on any of your images. You're missing some good keyword stuffing opportunities.

    Underscores in your filenames should be replaced with hyphens. (Don't forget to 301 Redirect!)

    Filenames like bclt.html are not taking advantage of the weight Google places on keywords in file names.
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