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    Easy Greeting

    Hi There,

    I am re-building a website which I have a 20% stake in and I am looking for feedback on the new design. We wanted something colourful and much more memorable than the old design.

    Here is the old site:

    New Site (Still in Development):

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    The new design has some text alignment issue, the “Contact” link and the header text runs outside its allocated box.

    Thanks Brian

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    Yes i am just trying some different fonts at the moment to see what looks best. I will fix that shortly. What do you think otherwise?

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    the old design was simple. the new one had too many colors. great start.

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    I personally like how simple the first site was. While it's still a bit too simple for me, the new site is way too crowded. I don't like the colors of either site. They both feel very Web 1.0 to me. Just my opinion.

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    I think the old one layout is better than the new one, no offense but I saw some unmatch color on new layout.
    If you want visitors to remember your site, layout is not everything, content is still the king. Most site change their layout frequently but they still have the many visitors because they have something unique to offer

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    I like the design or layout of your new site. Keep improving your services too! Goodluck on your business

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    Old with a simple design and the new one with a good art and good combination of colors.

    Liked it.

    Very nice site.

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    I think the older one looks much MUCH better than the new one. Even though it has less content - which can be implemented, it looks much nicer than the new one which only has a white background and a lot of content.

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    The old one looks really very simple but the layout of New one looks cool keep.i liked it a lot. rocking man

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