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Thread: Expecting Sights

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    Expecting Sights

    hi guys, i am new here, please have a look on my site and send me your feedbacks to improve my site view and rank.

    this is my site: sh ayan tarh . net
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    The design is very nice and refreshing, colours are light and fit with the theme of the content.
    One thing i noticed straight away was the logo, it looks very "choppy" i think you might need a new logo (pm me if you want a logo btw) but that's the only thing i that seems out of place.
    Looks nice, good luck with the site.

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    Absolutely amazing and professional site i'd say. Great work done there. Having a good PR too i.e. 3..Good luck with your site. Looks perfect from my perspective

  4. I really like the flash logo at the top with the clouds - very nice touch.

    The meta description might need to be reworded and move the targeted keywords first.

    <meta name="description" content="The Company is a leading provider of filtration, equipment and services for the cement works as well as for other industries"/>
    Is "filtration equipment" your targeted keywords? Or is "The Company is" your targeted keywords?

    Most important and your targeted keywords go first in the meta description.

    Overall, I'll give that site an A rating.

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    since you asked for some suggestions...i would like to say that you should not proceed with flash material on your website
    flash items can be made available buy providing a preview button
    this will save you bandwidth as well as save the users same valuable time

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