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    Yet another one...

    Bought and redesigned over the last couple of hours.

    FastCars - Latest Fast Cars and Spy Photos

    Any comments?

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    Content is poor. It has no value.

    Not enough images for the car site.

    You have plenty of speed stuff on youtube waiting to be seen.

    Like Car vs Car. Excellent car tests videos from German and UK magazines, since embed is avialable as Will say you can probably use them on your site.

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    Thx man!

    Yes, I know content is quite poor, I've bought this one 'cause it gets a bunch of traffic from Google images (Some posts have many images) and quite some revenue.

    I'll embed a few videos, but I'll have to cherry pick them as most of the time they get unavailable without notice.

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    I wonder who is the king of the cars niche? Does anyone know?

    I would add more content, and put some videos there. I'm not into Google AdSense video units, but I guess you could try those as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmi View Post
    I wonder who is the king of the cars niche? Does anyone know?
    LOL! Well, I still have less than 20 car sites (for another week at least)

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    Same theme again with new header, Seems liek this theme is h ighly converting one for you. Looking pretty decent to me, so keep it up.
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