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    Feedback Needed

    Hey all, I was just wondering if you can review and give me feedback about my site. It is a relatively new siteand It is a site about voting and etc. If you have any suggestions, comments, and tips on how to increase traffic, I'm all ears. (this cases eyes)

    The link is
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    The search bar on the upper right hand side when i enetr text in, the etxt isnt at the center of the text box, its nearer to the bottom, just somthing small that looks out of place :P
    The rest of the website is decent, the way the website is set out is pretty clean and looks good

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    Well, I can give you a quick review.

    Initially, I like the favicon, just a comment. Nice name and domain as well. You have some great potential here, just keep getting the word out. 8/10

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    Nice site.
    I would say 8.5/10
    One thing that it urgently requires is a banner at the top.

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