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    Feedback Wanted

    Hey all, I need another review for one of my old sites. I haven't worked on it much and I was planning on perhaps enhancing it to later sell away. Could you guys give any suggestions, ideas, and tips on how to improve traffic?

    The site
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    I dont really like the splash page, it takes a bit of time to get into the actual site.
    The website itself is pretty good, you might want a logo though, it looms a bit plain without one. All the buttons and scroll overs and stuff like that are pretty good

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    This is the same site which is up for a]sale in the 'domains' section right?? The blog is good but i feel the first page i.e. the one with the vid is a turn off. Takes time and looks dull. The main page i.e., though empty, is quite good.

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    You need to promote it a bit more. It has potential, I like the domain as well. Good luck with it!

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    The landing page takes a lot of time in loading and don't think that it is really required. Otherwise the site is really good.

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    A good site with good layout but according to me you should remove splash screen , and its also take more time to land on visiting page but good layout, i liked it!!!!

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    first of all the pre-page is not favorable
    inside it does look good

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    the site is good but it taking lot of time loading the page..otherwise it is pretty good

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