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Thread: Find Blog Posts - find, comment, FREE backlink, FREE traffic

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    Cool Find Blog Posts - find, comment, FREE backlink, FREE traffic

    I recently launched a free blog post search service at I have been using the tool myself for months and found it to be very effective so I decided to release it to everyone, free

    What does it do?
    The site allows you to search through millions of WordPress blog posts for articles related to your site to comment on. Blog commenting is a great way to build backlinks and traffic (especially if the articles are related to your niche). Manual commenting has shown to be much more effective than auto commenting and this tool makes it really easy to find hundreds of blogs in any niche.

    Blog Posts about auto insurance
    Blog Posts about netbuilders
    Blog Posts about affiliate marketing

    Just some ideas. Please take a look and let me know if you have any questions or suggestions

  2. nice. i get to comment on related pages

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    Awesome. Make sure you tweet it or share it on Facebook

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    nice site.. It would be great if you showed that which blog post comments are going to be dofollow or nofollow..

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    Nice one. I had to laugh real hard with it however. I put in a search for my keyword and guess what?

    My own blog was in the first and second place on the list to add a comment to

    Current Celebrity Gossip Movies & More TV Site
    Find out how I'm able to get up to 420 backlinks for month, by spending 30 seconds per day...all for FREE! - Click Here

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    I laugh with you.
    On many of my keywords, my own blogs were at or near the top.

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