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Thread: Fingerboard Website (for client)

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    Fingerboard Website (for client)

    Very basic but interesting, This is one of my latest projects for a young client and a low budget project, very friendly client and been a great pleasure working with him. The website doesn't have any original content right now, it's all dummy text and images until he has some time to update it.

    Website was built with Joomla + Virtuemart, integrated a video component as well to add the multimedia section.

    Website: Karma

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    Great! It's amazing to remember these good days with the fingerskates I'm still having around 70 of them though but hardly use them. I've been pretty good with them and been in some known teams -- But that's not something your interested in rofl

    The Favicon could be something related to a fingerskate too instead of the Joomla favicon. The header is nice and I really like the wooden skateboard design

    For the rest it looks pretty good, but it would be better to see some content on it though But we'll wait till the owner sets up some good articles
    |Nico Lawsons

  3. Are you going to add sh404SEF or a comparable plugin to the site?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    Are you going to add sh404SEF or a comparable plugin to the site?
    I'm definitely going to use sh404SEF, it's by far the best one I know and have been really happy with it in previous joomla sites.

    Quote Originally Posted by PSDproxies View Post
    i love what you have done with the header!

    awesome job.
    Thanks, due to the lots of graphics in the header, I decided to keep the rest of the website graphics as simple as possible. It turned out good!

  5. i love what you have done with the header!

    awesome job.

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