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Thread: Football Furor Review

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    Football Furor Review

    Site Name: Football Furor

    Site Link:

    Opening Date: September 2009

    Review Type: Mix

    Other Information:


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    Re: Football Furor Review


    Your assessment request has been accepted. Please allow the team 72 hours to process your request, but we will do our very best to complete it before then! If you are having any problems with the expedience of your asessment then please PM Cosmic and he will attend to your assessment immediately. Thank you for choosing Admin Community!

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    Re: Football Furor Review

    Cosmic has had something come up, you can expect this in 48 hours. Thanks for using AC!

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    Is this going to be done?

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    I'll Chase Justin on this.

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    haha.thanks cosmic

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    Sorry for how long this has been taking, I will begin this review now.

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    Initial Feelings Assessment

    Love the look, seems very well organized just from first glance, this is before scrolling down or anything, so far very nice looking.

    Score: 20/20

    Content Analysis

    All of the content in the forum posts are very appealing to myself and would definitely be a plus if anyone where to join. All of your forums and categories seem to be very well placed and in a logical order which is very good and visitors know what the main discussion is if they don't know what kind of forum they are joining. All of your users posts seem to be very relaxed, they don't seem to be extremely worried about any big rules or anything which is very good, this means you aren't extremely strict. The overall posting quality not superb but isn't terrible great job.

    Score: 17/20

    Appearance & Stylistic Insight

    Your forum looks very nice to myself and I believe there aren't very many things that you could do to your forum at this time to make it look very much better, I was a bit concerned about the bank and bet system on your forum but then I took into consideration that your forum probably uses it to let your members bet on games as a fun little thing to do on the forum and this would keep discussion up so that people could bet more etc.

    Score: 19/20

    Attractiveness & Appeal Appraisal

    When I visited your forum I had the want to click the registration button however the subject doesn't interest me otherwise very nice job the color scheme is for the most part constant throughout the community site, the only thing that doesn't blend in the best is the back ground colors don't seem to blend in with the color of the forums themselves, otherwise very well done.

    Score: 19/20

    Statistical & Analytical Inspection

    For a forum that started back in September of 2009 it should be doing a lot better by now, what this tells me is that there is a lack of motivation somewhere. Included, there is also a bad member to post ratio, you should really work on getting more posts and active members the amount doesn't matter but the amount of active members you can get is the best thing you could do for your forum right now.

    Score: 10/20

    The Summary

    I believe you are doing very well on your forum right now however there is the matter of the statistics, it seems there is a lack of advertisement and motivation for your members to come around, is it not Football season maybe? This may very well be a factor but you should figure something out that makes the members want to come back, you should hold some sort of an event or competition. Overall I don't have to much more criticism to give you. Just keep into consideration any negative points I have pointed out and keep up anything I have given praise to.

    FINAL SCORE: 85/100

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    thanks for the review.

    i really appreciate it. yes. i am finding it hard to bring in members and make them posts. i have tried google ad and facebook publicity, but no luck. still trying to advertisement.


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    Thanks for completing this Daniel

    Moved to completed assessments.

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