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    Site Name: Gamers Connect

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    Opening Date: March 10 , 2010

    Review Type: (Content / Community / Mix) Mixed Review

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    Your reviewer is Gabe

    Your assessment request has been accepted by the assessment team.

    Please allow the reviewer of your website 72 hours to complete your assessment package. We will do our very best to complete it before then.

    If you are having any problems with the expedience of your assessment then please Private Message Gabe and he will attend to your assessment immediately.

    Thank you for choosing the Admin Community.

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    Take your time , no hurry .

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    i'm sorry for the delay. I'm extremely busy now.

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    Here's the review. I can't review under the old system.

    Appearance & General Appeal:

    Looking at your forum as a guest, your forum looks asthetically pleasing. Though rather monochromatic, the forum overall has very good effects and graphics which go very well together (such as the shadow of your text). However, looking at your forum as a guest makes me wonder what's going on at times. This could be remedied by a guest message MOD or a template change. In it, I recommend explaining what the forums are about and why it's great to join the forums.


    Your layout is pretty good. The buttons you have above and below are very effective both viewing as a guest and as a member. A couple of your forum descriptions don't always look like you're meaning it's something for "Counter-Strike." However, you do have some unique descriptions nonetheless. It's good to have a unique description because it's the little things which show how much work you put into the site, and how others will appreciate your work. What you have to do is elaborate in your descriptions. Rather than just saying "New to the forum ? Tell us something about yourself. ", why not say "Tell us about yourself. We are a welcoming community and are more than willing to meet new people." or something like that. However, it's the Counter-Strike forums you should really focus on.


    I haven't really had much of a problem navigating around. You have icons indicating subforums, which is good because not every forum has it. What I recommend here is to sometimes look at your forums as a guest (yeah, log off). Look at things as a guest and see what's not working and what might be. An analogy I was taught to use is a Bicycle. Everyone sees the bicycle like this.

    But who sees the bicycle like this?

    What I'm getting at is look at your forums from a different perspective. Show a bit of empathy when viewing your forums as a guest. How would guest "A" view it? Do they want to join your forums?

    Amount of Forums:

    You are on the right track here. Since you're a small forum, you shouldn't expand forums until your forum gets bigger. Also, I really like how you limited yourself in off-topic discussion. There are a lot of forums I have seen where they say their genre is "X". Although it's a forum about "X", I've seen forums where there are more general discussion topics than "X" (like me, I've been looking to cut down on my general discussion forums). What's wrong with that? It may as well be a general discussion forum, wouldn't it?

    Spelling & Grammar:

    You should look at improving on this. Punctuations don't get its own space. An example would be your forum description, which says, "Facing problems with installing mods, patches and add-ons ? We'll help you solve it." Instead, it should be "Facing problems with installing mods, patches, and add-ons? We will help you solve it." Try not to abbreviate words too much (use they are or do not rather than they're and don't, respectively) It's those little things which will make you look professional or not. I realize that you are from a country where English is not the first language, so I won't be as picky on you. Just remember to always proofread your posts before submitting them for grammatical errors. I'm sure you will improve on your English in the years to come (although I don't expect you to, because I didn't think you were going to live somewhere where English is the first language).

    Uniqueness of the appearance & content:

    Here's something you might want to look at. I have looked at other Counter-Strike forums. Compare yourself to them (for stuff other than activity). What are they doing which is different than what you are doing? This is one thing that I can't suggest to you, because in doing so, it's like spoonfeeding you. In addition, I do not play Counter-Strike, so it would be harder for me to make a suggestion in the first place. Uniqueness is one major key which can make or break a forum.

    Final Remarks:

    Having said all of that, I like what I see in your forums. You have a design which isn't used too much, and you have a forum which you can easily build on. What I'd suggest is get promotion OUTSIDE promotion/admin forums. That is, in the real world. You won't find so many Counter-Strike players in a forum like Forum Promotion, The Admin Zone, or Admin Community, to name a few. Post exchanges are good in turning a forum with 0 posts to maybe a few, but it only goes so far. I know it's a lot harder for someone like you, because I too run a forum where the genre is not General Discussion, Gaming, or Administration/Promotion. You have to go to Social Networks, Google, and maybe other Counter Strike sites to get your dedicated members. It also seems like you rely on exchanges because your forum has more off-topic posts than on-topic, which is something you should look at. I know, it's harder for you and me. All in all, don't give up, and keep progressing on your site.

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