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    Site Name: Gaming Planet

    Site Link:

    Opening Date: 20-October 07

    Review Type: Mix)

    Other Information:

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    I might do this one if the Assessment Team aren't going to tag it.

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    Sorry about that I glance over this section cause the thing never lights up for this section anymore, I'll tag it.

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    Your assessment request has been accepted. Please allow the team 72 hours to process your request, but we will do our very best to complete it before then! If you are having any problems with the expedience of your asessment then please PM Cosmic and he will attend to your assessment immediately. Thank you for choosing Admin Community!

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    Aren't you getting this done

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    No, but I shall. Give me about 2 hours.

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    Initial Feelings Assessment

    When I first entered your forum, I felt that the skin was very easy on my eyes. There was one thing, although, that made me a little uneasy. The banner, you could use a new one to be straight with you. A banner can say a lot about your forum when you are needing people to join. Other than that, you've done good in the initial feeling side of things.

    Score: 18/20

    Content Analysis

    Your content is actually pretty good. That's what I like to see, people obviously love coming to post on your forum. I currently see 9844 posts and 362 members - that to me is kind of bad, seeing as you opened in 2007. A little advertising here and there will help. I also suggest a contest with great prizes - you're bound to get activity that way.

    Score: 16/20

    Appearance & Stylistic Insight

    To be honest with you, the only relevant thing I see, style-wise, is the banner. Try to have some forum markers that represent something about gaming, that should set you in the right direction. Another suggestion is a dark skin added (as well as the light skin), because gaming forums tend to do well with options for skins.

    Score: 15/20

    Attractiveness & Appeal Appraisal

    The overall attractiveness is to a medium level. The light skin is clean and smooth, but the banner might draw away some members. Although, you have kept the layout nice and clean, too. For that, your points are boosted. A layout says a lot about a forum, it can see if you are organized, etc.

    Score: 17/20

    Statistical & Analytical Inspection

    You opened in October 2007. It is now 2010 and you have 9844 posts and 362 members. That's not very good considering the gap in years that you've been open for. Like I said, try some more advertising and add a couple of contests.

    Score: 9/20

    The Summary

    Overall, your forum is actually decent. I wouldn't be surprised if in the next 20 minutes I begin to post as a member. Your main let down is the amount of activity you have for being open so long. The other issue is just the banner. Other than that, your forum is very nice. Good luck with Gaming Planet.

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    Thanks man i'll change the banner right away! and i hope do you post

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    Your assessment has been completed! The cash has been deducted from your account and this review has now been archived. Thanks for using admin community! Here is your receipt:

    Admin Community Reviews:

    Review type :: Mix

    Reviewer Name :: SettledHate

    Total deducted :: 0

    Total delay time :: N/A

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