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    Site Name: Graphics Globe

    Site Link:

    Opening Date: Just opened

    Review Type: (Content / Community / Mix) Mix

    Other Information: None

    Extra features (ex. Emoticons): None

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    Graphics Globe Review:

    Today, I will be reviewing Graphics Globe. A brand new graphics forum.

    Initial Feelings Assessments

    When ever I first load a page, the banner is the first thing that pops up at me. I didn't love, nor hate the banner. It was

    rather choppy, but it matched the forum name well, as well as the theme. The theme was great, and the when scrolling

    to the forum stats, it seemed pretty active for it's first day up! I joined right away. This forum impressed me greatly on

    first sight. I suggest getting a new banner, which I was told that they are working on, and become an affiliate, and

    advertise more to get more users! This forum has a pretty unique New's banner on top of the board, I found that nice

    because you can see the news right there. One last thing that I did not like too much was that the admin forgot to

    change the forum name on the News Bar. Overall, this forum is great on making visitors want to stay. This forum is also

    very secure, users need to confirm their email and get their accounts approved by an admin before they can

    post, this a good anti-spam method that I use too.

    Score: 18/20

    Content Analysis

    This forums content is great, for a brand new forum. Users seem to be pretty active, the forum is at about 230 posts in

    1 day! Users seem to enjoy themselves on here, they are oftening joking with each other in chatboxes, this is a good

    sign of a good community! For starters, the admin has worked hard in providing users threads in which they can reply

    to, causing such great success! The forum has great posts, content wise, and the posts lead to great conversations

    between members. The admin seems to be taking his role very seriously, and his acticity is rubbing onto his members!

    The forum also provides many contests for users to take part in, this makes for good conversations about contest

    themes, prizes, etc. The forum is very unique in how it is run, which makes a very unique community. In my eyes, this

    forum can become great if it keeps going in this direction! I, for one, am glad I joined! The content seems in no way

    forced, which is why I think this forum is so successful already!

    Score: 20/20

    Appearance & Stylistic Insight

    This forum has three very nice themes. They are very eye catching, and in my opinion match the forum name and theme

    great! The one problem is the banner, which I've mentioned before. It is rather choppy, but other than that it is great!

    The Banner has a globe for the O in "Globe" which I thought was cool and unique! The colors of the forum look

    very good together and the colors match the forum's theme (graphic design) very well! Unfortunately, three things

    ruined the 100 percent score in this section. The forum markers were the same as the normal ZetaBoards markers,

    these markers match most forums, except for navy forums, unfortunately this forum is navy. Forums such as GForce

    have custom forum markers on their forum that other people can use, I suggest using them, or making or ordering

    custom ones. The second thing that ruined the mark is similar to the markers, the expand and collapse markers are

    the default ones. I suggest removing them overall because there is no need for them, in my opinion. the last thing that

    ruined this mark is, once again, similar to the previous two. Not all buttons are unique. Once again, forums such as

    G-Force have pre mades and you can always make or order custom ones! Overall, this forum is really attractive and

    looks great! A few touches here and there and you get your perfect score!

    Score: 19/20

    Attractiveness & Appeal Appraisal

    Like I mentioned before, I joined immediately. Here I will go into depth of why I joined... immediately. The forum

    looked great, so that was a great first impression. The colors and such were great, and matched very well too! The

    forum looked active, and I like an active forum! There is a lot of staff, so the forum is really secure! I also really like

    this forum's theme, which is Graphics Design. The forum has great contests, including Avatar of the Week, Signature

    of the Week, Motion Graphic of the Week, and Desktop of the Week. From what I was told, the admin is adding

    even more contests! This makes more users join, because contests provide users with a chance to learn more, by

    making an entry, and have fun with others when comparing entries! The forum has a built in bank, reputation system

    and a unique news banner! I find all of these cool because, with a bank you can donate and request things on the

    forum, with the reputation system you can see the good users apart from the bad and average users, and with the news

    banner you can see the current news on top of every forum and page! Many things added up to my decision to join

    right away, but that's just my opinion, you check it out, you'll probably join right away too!

    Score: 20/20

    Statistical & Analytical Inspection

    The fact the forum openned today is unbelievable to me. The forum is already over 200 posts, and has a great staff

    team to keep it secure. There are already 229 posts, and 17 members! Almost all forums are active and users seem

    to enjoy themselves a lot on this board. Even the chatbox is active, which on most boards is ignored! I cannot go into

    too much depth in this category because the forum is brand new. But I can say one thing, it's going to be popular, mark

    my words! I'm sorry for not being able to go into too much depth in this category, I said all I could really say about

    this forum's statistics, and for it being one day old, it's not a lot, but this forum did great in this category anyway!


    Total Score: 97/100

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