I just realized that I never posted a review thread for Unblock MySpace

Guard Tunnel is a Glype proxy that has been around since May of this year. I started it off with nothing but a custom theme and a dream

The proxy has been edited to work with Facebook, YouTube, etc and I recently installed an SSL certificate.

Since then, Guard Tunnel has grown to over 40k unique visitors per month with 1 million monthly pageviews. It is also #3 for 'Unblock MySpace' on Google. Earnings for this traffic are relatively low (compared to my other proxy) because my theme was never built with CTR in mind (and I don't plan on changing it).

Right now, we are conducting a survey for all current Guard Tunnel users. If you are someone who frequents my proxy, maybe you could take a few moments to respond? (Popup appears when visiting Guard Tunnel once only)

According to some responses already, load times are a little slow. I am still debating whether or not to upgrade my VPS for this proxy. What do you guys think?