Just in time for the new year, Guard Tunnel 2.0 has been released! And a long with it, a surplus of new features!

Compared to the old theme, in Guard Tunnel 2.0

- the new theme has ALL of the information that the old theme had PLUS more.
- All of the content is compacted and organized in a way that the page is nowhere near as long.
- The proxy URL form has been brought above the content, so you can get right to browsing.
- There are half as many ads!

In addition, the proxified pages have been completely changed to provide a more pleasing and professional look.

But that's not all! Guard Tunnel is proud to announce it's new blog! Updates, information, and more will be announced here, and users can discuss and share ideas!

Interested in advertising at Guard Tunnel? For more information and to order, check out our new Advertising form.

And finally, Guard Tunnel is now on Twitter! Follow us today, and keep up to date with the latest news, happenings, and more!


And that is the end of my advertising. I am looking for honest reviews on the template, placement of ads, blog, etc. Thanks