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    What are your opinions of my forum. Likes? Dislikes?

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    Likes: Your dedication to it. The theme isn't too bad either especially for SMF.

    Dislikes: Not that keen on SMF myself and also I think the logo could be better myself.

    Overall, great site.

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    If used correctly, portals can be a successful replacement for a home page. I think you could use your portal better. Perhaps give out a welcome message talking about the many things you do at your forum. The current message takes up too much space and overall, does not look professional. Portals can also be used perhaps to put out some affiliate links or a Google ad, for example as well.

    Overall, I'm not the biggest fan of your theme. I'm not too big into dark themes, let alone black themes. When I was working with SMF, I've always found Crip and DzinerStudio to be the two who consistently made the best themes, I find. The logo's good, but as sbfc said, it's best to have something that could match the background. Anyways, hope that all helps.

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    I don't like the theme. Plus it looks very clumsy! Try to give it a light look, I mean not light colour, just a little light look so that it doesn't bug one's eyes.

    Make the logo bg transperant.

    Get a favicon.

    Good luck

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