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Thread: health blog i started

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    health blog i started

    another one from me

    what do you think, i wrote the articles myself, please be gentle...

    i will add more content later on.....

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    This is gentle and simple.

    I would rename Uncategorized to something that would help your site.

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    Get rid of the .info - buy a .com
    You have way too many advertisements, and they all look spammy. Do some housekeeping.
    The "Welcome" box on the right needs to be redone. Put the disclaimer in the footer.
    Start making categories and get rid of 'Uncategorized' or at least rename it.
    Clean up your blogroll or remove it altogether.
    Remove the meta box, tag cloud, and archives.
    Use excerpts for your posts - the entire post shouldn't display on the homepage.
    Get rid of the copyscape box at the bottom. It's useless.
    Buy a premium or unique Wordpress theme ASAP.
    Tweak your 'about' page and make it a bit more informative.

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    The appearance is fine, but in addition to agreeing with the previous comments, I think your topic is too broad, and unless you are a qualified health professional, I would focus on a niche that you could gain a following for such as your personal battle with the effects of aging, or whatever specialist area you are most interested in. And then register a more focused domain name with .com, .net or .org

    Then you can siphon visitors from forum signatures and blog comments since your blog link would catch people's attention and arouse their curiosity much more than simply "health-related articles".

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    thank you all for your suggestion, i did a little bit of tweaking, this is it for now, i don't want to play around with it any more. Like i said already, i don't have any money for a better domain or a unique wordpress theme (i could make one on my own, but it would take a looong time )....we'll see how it will go like this....

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