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Thread: Hey I need reviews

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    Hey I need reviews

    Hi i am very new to this forum, I don't really know whether this is the right place for this thread, please tell me if this is the wrong place and i will know for next time.

    What i wanted to ask was, if you could check out my blog and tell me if anything should be changed.


    Blog = JGBlogging

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    I moved your website to the reviews forum for you. As far as the blog goes, it looks really nice and you seem to have plenty of content going. I would just invest in a kick-arse logo to really solidify your branding.

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    yes as stated, you definitely need a new logo. I would also suggest adding hover effects to links in the upper navbar for better interaction.
    In addition, I would remove the right border in the last link in the lower navbar (Twitter). And it would be nice if the whole "Follow us on Twitter!
    JGBlogging " was an actual link instead of just the icon

    one last thing, I feel that the sidebar links are a bit over-indented to the right. try to reduce that space and I'm sure it would look better!

  4. you mean to view only the design? hope i got you right...
    well, design is very simple. i thinks it needs more bright colours.
    but anyway it's only my opinion

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