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Thread: I'm Applying For A Review

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    As a graphic designers point of view most game sites all have a professional twisty look and I can't see that happening here, you should look for a really nice red, blue, green, orange, purple, or whatever coloured theme to go with it. Favicon isn't very attracting either. The forums design is nice although you just need to fill it up with posts to make it look better.

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    Hi there! I love your honesty and its true, I haven't really paid any particular attention to the design of the site nor forum. Since I finished the game in April, it was kinda urgent for me to put something good enough for starters and it took me like 1-2 hours for the whole thing. And I started the forum on the 20th June, so the design for the forum is pretty basic, took me 15 minutes.

    I'm quite busy working on the next game and my day job, so the design won't be changed any time soon. I was getting pretty good reviews from the customers, the usual people, not designers. The reason why I applied for the review here is to get feedback from other people. My idea was to make simple design that is easy on the eyes and easy to navigate. And I'm not a company, just one guy doing everything on his own

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    Well I honestly think if you want big game developers to approach you, a website design is needed to know that you are created and neat. Just personally what I think would work.

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    [quote name='Lee Lawson/Woxle' date='21 July 2010 - 08:57 PM' timestamp='1279735054' post='18161']

    Well I honestly think if you want big game developers to approach you, a website design is needed to know that you are created and neat. Just personally what I think would work.


    Ah no, I'm not looking big game developers to approach me, I'm an independent game developer, I work alone. I would rather make a site for the big game developers to avoid. So, am I on the right track then?

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    I didn't even think ya were looking for big game developers to find you lol. It didn't even cross my mind. Either way in my opinion.. I hope that even if I big game developer did come to you, I hope they wouldn't look at your site, but rather at your games... am I correct?

    I think your site is fine with those changes you were making. Obviously though how to maintain your site and forums is a big thing. I mean you would not wanna be all disorganized and confusing.

    In my opinion (and don't take this wrong) I have a more blog feeling then a website hah. It's just me, who knows what others think lol.

    I think your doing fine, keep up the work. The front page is creative, but lets face it the forums could obviously use work, but you did say it was only did in like 15 mins or however long it took.

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    I agree man, everything was done in a rush, except the game. I'm working now on the second game and that's the priority. Of course, why not apply for a review and see what non-customers think.

    Thanks guys!

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    Well you are in the correct track but a better website design probably would attract more to see your games and who knows your design might think that the game is designed ten times better than the site design.

    I knew a guy who has moved on with life and he was quite some graphic artist but he loved gaming and he made this short game and published it on his personal website. The game had 94 downlaods on the first day and he was approached by Deck13 a gaming company who produced a few games and he worked for them and he was earning 100 bucks each week or something just for working on a different series of his games. So I wouldn't know why you wouldn't be approached by gaming companies like Deck13, or Activision.

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    Because I explicitly stated in bold on my home page -> Independent game developer. As in free and out of any company BS. Maybe that's the reason? I intend to stay independent.

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