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Thread: I need reviews on my newly created groomsmen gifts site! Please help!

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    I need reviews on my newly created groomsmen gifts site! Please help!

    I just made this site, and I need reviews on it! Please give me your constructive feedback, I really appreciate it!

    The domain website is :

    Thank you and have a great day!

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    Loaded in legacy IE 6 with no issues. Neat site.

  3. Design:

    Tight, like a groomsman's suit that fits, is what could describe the design of this site. There are pretty much no loose ends and it appears to be well thought out.

    The only negatives that could be observed is that it seems a little busy or crowded, especially as a first impression; lots of menu items, then two bars with shipping offers and then lots offers on the homepage coupled with an article all tightly knit to each other. A little bit of spacing between the items, at least vertically (bottom or top margins) might be helpful here as well as moving the "Order Toll Free" bit to top right of the header or even top right above the header could make it look slightly less crowded.

    Albeit this isn't a significant issue and might even be to some extent a subjective matter.

    What's especially endearing about the design is the stylish feel provided by the background pattern, but most of all by the images used across the site's articles all of which have this stylish sepia look to them as if saying "these are the good times the memories of which will last". This is quite a nice touch and gives a distinct feel to the site which will probably be appreciated by visitors and customers.

    Design Rating: 10/10


    Just the name and slogan of the site,, do a good job of defining it as a place where one can buy gifts for groomsmen, so the user is hardly going to be in doubt. It also couples as a resource of articles related to groomsmen which tend to have some relevance to associated gifts making them consistent with site's purpose.

    Focus Rating: 10/10


    Twenty two categories filled with items to shop for, each having its own dedicated description of what is being sold, plus articles as an additional relevant resource is a pretty good selection of content. The style of content is mostly sales oriented, which fits the context and still doesn't seem too naggy. The articles actually have some useful advice by themselves so the site may be helpful even to those not interested in purchasing anything on their current visit.

    So all in all this one is a win too.

    Content Rating: 10/10

    Overall: is a great well rounded groomsmen gifts web site. Despite arguably being somewhat too tight in some places the design works and is quite stylish and fitting. The focus and content leave little or nothing to be desired. Good work.

    Overall Rating: 10/10

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