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Thread: I think I got this straight! but I need your point of view

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    Talking I think I got this straight! but I need your point of view

    Hello guys!

    I just did something new on my forum. I integrated the 1mfp avatars on the top of the forum and the avatars can be updated with your cell phone.

    Please I need a little review of this crazy idea.

    the forum is Wihee Forums (it is on the very top bellow the logo)

    Thank you guys


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    that's actually a great idea! mobile interaction is growing more and more

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    Now I converted it on a widget. And it had been installed in a few forums, I expect before the end of February the widget will be installed in more than 20 forums. What an idea! I had been reported that a great increase of traffic is coming from many forums where are using the widget.

    Thank you guys, is taking off really fast

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