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    Input on

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone would mind taking a look at MD5 Generator :: and posting any thoughts for improvements or anything.

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    It looks good to me.

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    Not much to say. It's basic, but that's all it needs to be!

    It's clean and to the point. I love it.

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    Thanks for the positive feedback.
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    OMG, what a nice domain.
    You could be in the Google TOP #3 for "md5"-keywords !

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    I like the encoding part, but dislike the decoding part Awesome website though, but I'd suggest to use another theme instead of this free theme

    |Nico Lawsons

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    Once I start generating some real revenue I imagine I'll go with a full redesign of the site. For now, this works though.

    And about the domain - thanks. I got lucky on this one and snagged it on snapnames for under $100. It's almost 11 years old as well. It has been a real struggle (months) to get anywhere near the front page for any terms.

    Seems with all the aged competition on this keyword it will take some time, but now I've finally started to make a push.
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    Someone likes blue...

    Try changing the color of your border/horizontal rulers to white instead of light blue.

    It will vastly improve.

    Nice domain.
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    Thanks I'll try that. This is actually the same template used on Web Proxy Server but essentially just used the inner box and outer border.
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    I changed it now and I think it looks a bit odd.
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