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Thread: iSurfProxy.Net - Proxy Network + Listing Site

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    iSurfProxy.Net - Proxy Network + Listing Site

    Hey Everybody

    Can I please get some reviews on my proxy network site :

    iSurf Proxy Network | Proxy List | Free Proxies

    I've just also coded a Proxy List feature for it. What I really need are some proxy owners to submit a few sites and let me know how the submission form, list, etc is all working..I was coding this at 4ish in the morning, so just want to make sure it's actually working for people other than myself. Haha

    Also let me know your thoughts on anything else as well. Thanks!

    And Oh, the first 3 proxies submitted (by 3 different people) will get placed in the green Premium area of the list until I actually get around to selling premium slots (aka they'll probably be listed there for a while).

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    Pretty nice!
    Nice template here too: Woot Surf xD
    The advertise page doesn't work yet, but you know that I think

    I like the forms you are using on the submit page.. that when you 'hover' it, it changes
    Pretty nice

    What I don't like is that you have to scroll down a lot, before you see the actual page..

    This is what I am preventing on ProxLists.Com... proxlists is about the proxy listings, so nobody wants to read the text above etc... that's why I removed some things to make the list stand higher

    But yeah it's pretty nice

    |Nico Lawsons

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    Yeah I like the Woot Surf template too, i did just a couple of slight mods to the default 'simple' theme.

    Yep, I know about the advertise link not yet working just want to get the site up and running, and performing right before adding that.

    Thanks for your thoughts about the text/page length. I may go ahead and rearrange the index page and put the text more towards the bottom..we'll see.


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    I've gone ahead and setup a 'speed meter' for the proxy list now, and need a little input. (i currently run the script manually, but will setup a cron to do it eventually)

    My speed calculations are done by load time of the homepage , my current parameters are as follows:

    if $loadTime is 0 - 0.20 seconds then $siteSpeed = '5'
    if $loadTime is 0.21 - 0.59 seconds then $siteSpeed = '4'
    if $loadTime is 0.60 - 0.99 seconds then $siteSpeed = '3'
    if $loadTime is 1.00 - 2.99 seconds then $siteSpeed = '2'
    if $loadTime is 3.00+ seconds then $siteSpeed = '1'
    With 5 of course being "Best" and 1 being "Really Slow/Offline?"

    Would you consider these valid arguments when talking about the load time of a proxy's homepage?

    Any input is much appreciated! Also additional reviews on the site itself are still welcomed!


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