I had started in a different direction with this site template; somewhere along the way, it turned at least a little hillbilly.

The header is a header I found on Smashing Magazine, and edited it into what it is now; kind of looks like Dukes of Hazzard meets Redneck Chainsaw Massacre.

I had a different color scheme to the template originally, then brought it around more to work with the header.

The text on the page has a plain color background to make it more legible. I'm wondering if someone has a suggestion as to a different color combination I can use for the text and the text background, particularly the text background, which may work better with the template?

Any suggestions for the body background? I am presently using an image for the background of a field of tall grass.

Traffic Bloodbath

P.S. It is just the template that is up now, on the free hosting that came with the domain registration; I'm using that until I get the template where I want it.