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Thread: Just Another Forum, An Art Forum Incase You Were Wondering

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    This forum is pretty experimental, but what the heck.

    A review wouldn't be a bad idea.


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    I love the banner it brings a real pulse to the forum although one thing that disappointed me was you never had descriptions and their wasn't much to discuss as of the lack of forums.

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    Well thats the experiment, The thing is that we don't need descriptions if the name is so blunt and general.

    What forums could we add though? (Im co admin)

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    I actually understand what SockWizard is saying lol. I didn't yesterday but now I do. I hope however people will understand that.

    Maybe a Suggestions and Feedback, so your getting it there too . Support Desk or some sort of issues maybe people are having with their programs or something, or not being able to draw something. (Hopefully that makes sense.)

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    Well bump so I can get more ideas thrown at me.

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