I just worked on the colors, plan on working on it more, and maybe working different colors into it, instead of what's currently there. I just want some ideas from you all, and letting me know what is good and what's not.

Forum ideas, etc. My intentions are clear, but the sites not meant to be taken oh so seriously. Nothing like CF/AC here. This is a serious site set on broadcasting to everyone they can find. My site however is basically just meant to broadcast to those that come over from only visiting sites I visit.

Doesn't make sense I know, but my slogan was "You Find Me I help you." Lol I know I know.

It's really hard to explain but I am not looking to expand my site into something huge, just something small and informative. If ya happen to stop over there feel free to join. Ya don't have to post, it's all up to you

Anyways visit the site here : Learning2C Forums