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Thread: mindxstudio review - web 2.0 web design

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  1. mindxstudio review - web 2.0 web design

    Hi all,

    Please review my web 2.0 design and development site here : - providing Web 2.0 Template Design, Development & PSD 2 XHTML Services

    let me know your suggestion and comments, most welcome.


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    The current colors (green and blue header) hurts my eyes. I think you should change the green. Not sure what color to go with though. You would have to just test it out. Maybe a lighter shade of blue.

  3. I'm almost afraid to review a site created by a professional web designer.

    To me, the font used in the testimonials is too large/bold.

    "List of Recent Job" should be "List of Recent Jobs".

    "project required document file" should be "Project Requirement Document".
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    s/and any custom job as pre requirement/and any custom job as per requirement/

    We are a medium sized web design & development company -- possibly not the most convincing copy.

    Text sizes could do with some revision, otherwise design-wise, you've done a great job! I particularly fancy the top-navigation bar.

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    The green is a bit bright... On the "About Us" page, when listing Our Team and Our Studio, the stock photos and the content don't fit. I would suggest either change pictures, update the content (relevant to the subject) or change the titles to something less personalized (Philosophy or Unique Approach would work). The rest of the site is written from a personal perspective; so maybe just stay away from stock photos? Or find some a little less "corporate"...?

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    Autally like the menu very modern desingh,
    Its probally the best i seen today i like the layout

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    Nice logo! I like it. decrease the font size for your testimonials

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