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Thread: My flash arcade site

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    My flash arcade site

    hello, well a few days ago i looked into arcade sites, and i set this site up: - Free flash games - Homepage

    i hope it's ok that used a live link, if not i'll edit it once i read the warning from admin

    What should i improve?

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    Live links are allowed here on the forum.

    Your site isn't working here for me (Belgium). You might need to take a look to that if you'd like to get a review
    |Nico Lawsons

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    i didn't know that, thanks...
    what error are you getting, i can open it just fine...

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    I see this.

    Game is covering the sidbar.

    Best of luck with the site

    The poker game was fun!

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    Yes, all games cover part of the sidebar.

    Either eliminate sidebars when going to games, or move sidebar over a bit.

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    You may want to change look and feel a bit, curently is doesn't feel like a game site. Along these lines I recommend you look for better ads, e.g. Adsense image ads.
    Adbrite doesn't work well because their ads contribute to then non-gaming look and feel.

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    Can't use adsense banned from there, don't wanna go back, eeeeevar....(if you were thinking about registering under someone else's name).

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    PHP Code:
    1. Remove that mailto link from the navbar and add an actual contact page.
    2. Get rid of your .info domain and spend the 9 dollars on a .com
    3. Fix problems like these:

    (How many can you spot in that image?)

    Fix all of the blank space there, as well as the news box. (It just cuts off. There is no solid line ending the box.)

    4. Make links like this more search engine friendly:

    PHP Code: 

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    Thank you @Kovich, i fixed isues 1 and 3 cause those were the easiest to fix, except the character issues, some games have Japanese or Chinese characters in their titles or descriptions and i don't want to deal with all the hassle of making it display correctly, and i will fill in the blank space once i figure out what to put in it.

    I know that some games are on the menu to the right, but you can still play them and you see the menu, so it's not that bad...:P.

    When it comes to .com domain, i don't have the money right now, so .info will have to suffice for now, and i don't know how to change links to make them more search engine friendly, i would need more knowledge on php i guess and i don't have it.

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