I have decided that I'm going to take all of my current proxy lists and forward them to one list that I will try to make popular.

Unblock Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube at School with Unblocked Proxies

It's still under construction, but the basis of it is complete. I would say that it is one of my best templates - it accomplishes what I wanted: professional, clean, and Adsense-safe. I'm also proud to have customized all of the form pages to the way that they are, as the coding was a mess previously (no offense Will ).

Please rate the colors, the spacing, the layout, and the way I organized the data. It's a little unconventional for a proxy list, it's similar to the Top Bits list in that it lists rather than making a big scrollbar, however the sorting links allow it to sort and yet make it seem like you are on the same page.

I've also coded in my own Report button system, which should help me moderate the list better.

Still to do: I need to make a logo, add in some more AdSense, a search engine, and lots more content.

PS: Don't worry about the off-color AdSense blocks, they are just demo images.