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Thread: My unreleased site

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    My unreleased site

    Hello i'm developing my site : it is about a gaming league which will include various games such as CounterStrike , Source and other cool games.

    It is a forum-based site and i would love to have it reviewed by our members. I would also want to know if the banner matches the site and whether the theme is good enough



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    I checked you site and the design including the head 'banner' is good and suites the theme. Guess the forum is not in English since i saw a sub-forum named 'Anunturi'? Anyways there's a lot of work you have pending on it including adverts, more sub-forums, etc.

  3. Like the site, the chicks with wings are great.

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    Thanks guys for your nice words,

    The site will be in english but that sub-forum is a temporary one to see if the theme is working as planned. I still have a lot of work to do.

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    Your banner is very nice, especially the figures with wings . However, if I where you, I wouldn't make the blue color that bright. I wish you good luck on your site!
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    First thing i realised (might be my screen resolution) i have to scroll across to see the whole screen.
    I also agree that the blue should stand out a bit more.
    The text in the banner is in a colour that doesnt fit with the rest of the theme, maybe make it a darker shade of blue.
    Good luck with your forum

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    thank you for your feedback! Will keep in mind

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    I just looked at the website. It was nice theme for MyBB. It is one the my favorite one.I would like to request you to make the logo(header) Smaller. You haven't completed it so work nicely and let us know when it will release. It would be good to review after your final release.

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    Yeah, i'd agree with Kris1911 on this one. The logo's width should be reduced a bit. I'm a big Counter Strike 1.6 fan so waiting to see how your forum unfolds Good Luck.

  10. WOW. The Logo is way too big.
    reduce this.
    The color scheme is nice and light.
    That forum can be good, but it need quite a bit of work.


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