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Thread: My Website

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    My Website

    this is my only website :

    Can you guys check it out, rate it and maybe sign up

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    Very nice design I must say, at least the other layer is. Everything inside the box is kind of messed up and virtually has no content. You need more content otherwise no one will know what they are signing up for. Best of luck!

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    Well i think you have to put in alot work in it, because as the person abuve me said you have to put in content, because i dont understand what this site is all about. And about the layout - i didnt like it. Its too dark

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    Messed up, everything is just out of order and maybe you need something a bit lighter in the background, or make it a bit transparent.

    No content. I didnīt bother going all around your website trying to figure out what is the website about I want to find that info the same second I open the index page

    And a header is missing, itś just blank.. not good

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