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Thread: Need advice and some testing

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    Need advice and some testing

    So I have been working on putting together a turnkey script that I can sell and think I am nearing completion. I have added a basic design which of course the owners will edit or change to the way they want it.

    So I am looking for people to visit the site and test it out and look for errors, bugs or anything I can add to make it better.

    I am thinking of adding an addition area so it will have a coupon area and a hosting area.

    Here is a cloaked url to the site

    Can tinker with the admin area if you so wish
    username: admin
    password: pass123

    look forward to some ideas and feedback
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    Maybe different pages for each category.

    Report coupon button.

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    Thought about a separate page for each registrar but figured it would be a worth while idea since they dont have a page worth of coupons at anytime. Though I could be wrong and it might be a wiser idea for seo since it would give more pages with additional content.

    Thank you for reminding about the report button was something I planned and forgot.

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    Yes I agree with the idea of separate pages for each registrar. Keep the home page basically the same, but with only the first 3 or 4 coupons per registrar and then have links to the respective category page which will contain all coupons.

    Issues with the admin area is the lack of a logout button/link. I like having the ability to logout of admin areas on scripts.

    Personally though I'm not sure on the viability of selling this script, as this doesn't seem much like a niche which would need a lot of competition with the fact that most coupons etc are shared around the web already in various places.

    But as a standalone site for yourself, since you have such a nice domain, it could be a good earner, or at the least a traffic getter. But then again, I guess this script could be used for various other such things, so it still might work out either way.


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    Yes different pages for each of the categories would be good

    Also a little function to add a thumbs up/thumbs down where user can specify with a thumbs up or thumbs down if the coupon workd or not then show it on as maybe "5 out of 8 people said this coupon worked" or something like that

    Also should have on submit form an extra option called "Other Coupons" then when its selected should open up a new text field where they can input the providers name, thus creating a new category, of course after admin approval of that category.

    Thats what I think would make it better

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