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Thread: Need critique on a website design (uncoded)

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    Yes I agree, the room for improvement is great

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    There's no use in saying tat and not telling me what to improve on, please be more detailed guys xD

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    I'll tell you what, later tonight I will give you a better review or got to Rock 1 Forum for a free professional one.

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    For a first design it is really nice. The only question I have in my mind is "Does it link with the theme or the purpose?".

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    I was wondering the same thing really, i was waiting for someone to say it
    I thought the vans could represent their service when they come round with their fixing equipment to your house, but that's the only connection (and not a good one)
    I wasn't sure what else to put there, a pic of a computer is not enough, ore than one computer gets repetative...suggestions?

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    i thought it was for a hardware store. LOL. seriously, though. you need to put something in there to indicate that your services are computer-related. but that's just my two cents.

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    you will be on the right way but you should add some content to your website and also try to decrease photos on it

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    You have to get rid of the lines where the "About us" text is and make the "Special Offers" more visible so that when you open the site the offers catches your eye.

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