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Thread: Need critique on a website design (uncoded)

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    Need critique on a website design (uncoded)

    I created this design for my graphics GCSE project of a local computer store:

    Please give me some feedback (it's the first website design i've ever created so i kept it simple)

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    Will anybody comment on this? i'd like to get some comments on it before i decide to hand it in.

  3. It's decent.
    It's good for a first time design.
    Very simple and easy to use.
    Does it link to a page with all your products?


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    Not bad, work on the design and layout of the site. 6/10 good luck!

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    Instead of the lines seperating the text, why not make them in boxes or bubbles?

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    Not a bad idea, why didn't I think of that :P

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    Yeah, that could work, ill try it out, thanks
    Any more suggestions are welcome.

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    I will take another look and let you know

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    It's pretty decent for a first design . There is a LOT of room left for improvments

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    Any of them you care to share with me? I think ill make anotehr design and work on what others have said, please share what you think i should do to make it better.

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