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Thread: Need feedback for my new seo services site!

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    Cool Need feedback for my new seo services site!


    I just started a site before few days back to sell my SEO services through that!

    Here is my site:- SEO Services

    Let me know your feedback for my site as it is completely new!


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    at first glance it looks good. But before even going there, the number 4 in place of the word for in the domain looks very unprofessional.

    My 2c
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  3. I'd find a image that every other "SEO" site doesn't have to use on the front page

    Its still very incomplete at first glance

    No prices on information/services you actually offer

    You need some information about what exactly SEO is

    You need some type of portfolio system with proof of your work

    Your bottom widgets all need configured

    Your about me page needs more information than that.

    Your "SEO" services site, actually needs more basic SEO and to fix broken scripts that are causing errors in IE 7
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    Looks good...Needs more doing to it as others have said it looks a bit incomplete..Also, it still has reminders everywhere that its a blog, which im guessing its trying not to be? just using the WP CMS?

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