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Thread: Need help picking a better image

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    Need help picking a better image

    Being lazy and dont care to create one so I going to replace the current pr image on my site here are my options not in any certain order just put a # by each one to make pointing one out easier. The image will replace the current one on this page Sites on my IP - Check the Google pagerank of any web page

    If none seem to fit the over all scheme then let me know I am leaning towards a narrow one to avoid a lot of white space and to tighten up the page.

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    IMO the first one would suit best if you can change the apple to the letter "G" in red

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    #1 with the G instead of apple just like ankit said, and second choice would be #3

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    I'm partial to #2.

    Very simple/familiar design and the number is clear.

    Diet Fads

  5. I like the current one best.
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    I would go for first one, it's different!

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    I like #3 the most Really nice designs
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