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Thread: Need Review for Sharkwallpapers.Net

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    Smile Need Review for Sharkwallpapers.Net

    Hey Guyz...
    I need review from u guyz here for this my wallpaper site about how to improve the site and where exactly the best site to promote the site....
    basically is about, of course wallpaper site..

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    wow awesome design and functionality!! great job on it, keep it up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freshide View Post
    Nice website, I heard that you can get good targetted downloader visitors by advertising with good pop-up networks such as PayPopUP

    IMO, I would recommend taking off the "Tag Cloud' area as it sets off your nice design.
    thankz...will try it... what about buying target visitor? is't still relevan? hehe

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    If I tell you, I would have to kill you.
    The design is awesome..u made it yourself or you used any script?? the tag cloud is fine but the font colors in it are not gelling with your layout color..

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    tq, i really appreciate the comment, now got a lil bit problem with the script, and i need to resolve it first....

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    just put new categories...

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    got minor error on the search function, will fix...

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    search function does not working, i'll check for php setting, it work fine at first....
    however it doesn't effect website, u can browse wallpaper by using category..

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    thinking to change the logo to 2010 version, anyone here willing to help..

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