Ok friends,
I have launched a not just new but a very promising proxy site called free2hide.com. Its promising not just in the sense of having a great look.. but promising in in the sense of having some cool features, a user community and other things which other very very popular proxies lacked till date.

I know this forum dont allow me to copy/paste all the text in the feature list with descriptions due to SEO reasons,so i will just write the headlines and leave it upto you.

1>Easy to remember name- free2hide.com.. couldnt get simpler!

2>Dedicated Tier1 based Fast-Loading & Cross-Browser Compatible- so you dont waste time for pages to load and it doesnt appear broken or ugly on with things like text or images flying here and there on your browser.

3>128-Bit SSL powered with SSL Detector & State Switcher- so firstly your network packet-filtering stuff cant detect which sites you visit via free2hide.com and next you dont need to take the trouble of manually switching ssl on and off.

4>You don't need to pay up to use this- its free dude.

5>Family-Friendly Site & Ads- no adult content, no popups etc, no things which your mom or dad wont like so you can show this site to your mom and dad and it might be useful for them also to bypass filters at say their workplace. but remember if you or anybody else visits any adult or offensive site via free2hide.com proxy then its totally your own choice and your own fault and is not in our hands to block or monitor it coz our main mission is to provide unfiltered and uncensored internet browsing. but being responsible persons, we will always try to keep our ads, site and forum to remain family friendly in the first place.

6>On-Screen Keyboard- so any spyware or keylogger cant detect what website name u type on our url-box and visit which site online.

7>Panic Button- ya use this so that you dont get caught by your teacher

8>'Clear Cookies' Option- this is not your browser's cookies, its the cookies stored on our server and we allow you to delete it coz its your right to do so but many proxies dont allow you to do this and some of them may even hack your e-mail id and site a/c by storing your and re-using your cookies, but at free2hide.com you will be safer coz you can delete the cookies stored on our site after you finished browsing it.

9>Fixed Rendering Problems, Faster Rendering Speed & Comfort Of Draggable Url-Box On Proxified Page- from now you wont see google.com menu bar fly over your head... coz pages will appear properly and will appear fast. the url box will be draggable with your mouse so you can comfortably enjoy viewing any part of a page by removing url box from there without scrolling down like a moron does at other proxy sites

10>Ability To Advertise Your Own Stuff- its both free(by posting on our forum) and paid(for banner ad-spots on forum,main site and proxified page) coz as an advertiser or internet marketer, you may have some expectations from us

11>Stability & Development- ya we dont just make excuses like bandwidth exceeded so site is down and we dont just run things like autopilot and 'auto' sort of idiot things, we keep them updating from time to time so you feel safer an better

12>Where 'You' Matter, User Interaction & Updates- ya we dont take decisions on our own.. we take it with your help, you can suggest things, report bugs, vote on our polls and know other users at our community forum and stay updated of latest happenings of our service.

One more reason i dont mention in above is all features have a tutorial & help at hand at our community forum http://free2hide.com/talk

More reasons coming up as our development process still continues..

For the full information on the above headlines.. read this thread http://free2hide.com/talk/index.php?topic=4.0

Thats it.. and dont forget to to visit our new site. http://free2hide.com & join our community forum at http://free2hide.com/talk for more info