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Thread: New Electronics Store Website Review

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    New Electronics Store Website Review

    If you have a chance, please review my new consumer electronics website, Abdey Electronics. I think I'm ready to start marketing it , but you know how that can go sometimes! Happy to return to the favor (for checking out your site).

  2. I like it, but Google really hates thin affiliates. It doesn't "look" like a thin affiliate at first glance, but I'm guess that's a whole lot of duplicate content automatically scraped from Amazon.

    How did you make it?
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    Its a nice site but personally I don't like horizontal scrolling, I am like most people on a 1024 resolution.

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    Thanks for the feedback. I'll see what I can do to make it more friendly for 1024.
    Will, its a PHP driven CMS that ties in through the AMAZON API by the category ID's.
    I have no follow's on the interior links to help with the potential Google issue.

    Once I much around with it some more will try out an Adwords or Yahoo campaign to see how that works. The hard thing with the afiliate shop though is trying to find the write product to use for the campaign to get folks in the door so the 4-8% from Amazon exceeds the ad cost! My current thoughts are to target a product like HP laptops and bid low to get in the 4-6 spots for the key phrases and if get gets a 2% conversion over 100 visits would be worth it. Based on your post in the monetization forum though, was really considering going the MSN or Yahoo route though vice Adwords...but this is the wrong forum for that one I guess so I'll give myself a DP-styled self infraction!!

    Thanks again guys for the feedback.

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