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Thread: New to netbuilders site Review

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    New to netbuilders site Review

    First post, I have been reading a lot on this forum. Can you guys let me know what you think about my site? I am trying to build a very large site.
    any feedback would be great!!

    Thanks all
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    You have a very, very good domain for this niche! Congratulations for that

    In the title, I would change to AskYourCook.Com, to make it look more like it is a sentence

    You could add a favicon with a nice cooking pot and a sort of heat getting out of it

    The privacy policy would fit better in the footer, I don't like it how it is now in the menu. The menu should be about things that fit to the cooking niche instead.

    IMO it's hard to read
    we are a comprehensive cooking a recipe resource site for everyone. All our all;recipes come with preparation time,ingredients list and easy structures and all nutritional information we are sure that you will benefit in all your cooking of ventures by using our web site thank you very much and happy cooking
    and the we in the beginning isn't using a capital letter, or should it be like that?

    2007-2008 Directory All rights reserved.
    Search for the error

    Soup & Salad
    That reminds me of a joke made in "My Wife and Kids", but that's totally offtopic in fact

    Well that's about it, the site made me think about good things, I'm sure it will succeed if you put enough efforts into the site! Good luck
    |Nico Lawsons

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