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Thread: online retail shop looking for a review

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    Smile online retail shop looking for a review

    hey everyone,

    I was wondering if you guys can take a look at this site I'm designing and tell me what you guys think. any suggestions would be great, especially anything that would help me rank higher in Google for the keyword breathalyzer.

    best of luck to everyone!

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    Hmmm.. first of all page loading time is pretty high so...
    Site looks very nice!

    I love to read a site like that

    The design gets 9/10 from me

    I see no trouble, and too bad I'm not a SEO'er

    |Nico Lawsons

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    Overall layout and design are very professional. The site is informative, good use of grammar and spelling is correct. If I was in the market for your product, I would purchase it from this site.

    I am by no means an expert in SEO. But, I would probably get rid of "Home Page" in the title as I think that you are wasting this valuable real estate. Unless, of course, you are trying to rank for the keyword "home page".

    In your meta description you use the term "carries" I might consider changing that to "sells". But then again, I am blonde and a little slow.

    I'm sure that some of the SEO experts here will have other suggestions for you.

    Very nice job.

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    Get rid of "home page" and make the first word(s) the keyword or phrase you want that page to rank for. Also, you can make an interior page rank for a different phrase, so you don't have to be hung up on the home page.

    I also think that the "robots" metatag is useless. I find sites do fine ranking in one day without any robots tags.

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    From a design standpoint I like it. What software/cms/cart is the site running on if you don't mind me asking? Is it custom?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LogicFlux View Post
    From a design standpoint I like it. What software/cms/cart is the site running on if you don't mind me asking? Is it custom?
    it's the magento shopping cart.

    it's my first attempt with it and it's a big improvement over oscommerce in my opinion atleast. though i like how easy oscommerce was to program for.

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