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Thread: Page review: "before you join a free host"

  1. Page review: "before you join a free host"

    Hey guys i was wondering if you guys could review this page for me:
    Before you join a free webhost, know this!

    should I give more information? what should I add?
    Is the page clear and easy to navigate?
    if you would need to rate it on 10 what would you rate?

    thanks in advance

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    I don't think is necesarry, as the page isn't that long

    #1 Before you join a free web host
    #2 Scripting types and database support offered
    #3 Transfer and disk storage capacity, upload options
    #4 Tools and extra's included in the package
    #5 Does the certain host allow your content? Terms of Service

    But if you really want to keep that

    Rest looks pretty good.. except that the template and text looks like one big long thing...
    And it's kinda boring in my eyes, I'm not so much willing to read everything as 'user'...

    So better make more smaller texts, and make more:



    |Nico Lawsons

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    Yes, I think the content is too much 'compressed'.
    I think you should make more separated blocks and reduce the width of the content

    Sorry but I don't like the design and color schemes.

  4. okay ill update the page in a second
    *edit* updated, any better now?

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