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    Personal Robotics Project Blog

    I didnt want to do this as I hate being criticised (Spelling) but it needs to be done although maybe a little early but with this I can implement it in my next few projects I'm about to fire up.

    The theme for my blog is its a personal project for me creating one of a list of robots that I am planning, mainly based on mother natures creations and pretty much all from my imagination although taking leads from similar projects, with this I mean... some of my ideas might not be original but I want to work them out in my own way unless I cant or a way previously done is better. I dont think I'm very good at writing so you might notice that but if not thats a bonus. I've made a list below of what I'm looking for in this thread so I hope that helps with my sacrifice to the world of SEO.

    Hobby Robotics

    1) I will be moving to wordpress and a domain when I can.
    2) Only two posts so far.
    3) I'm after advice on the advert placement.
    4) I'm after advice on meta information as I'm a noob.
    5) Do I need to add anything?
    6) Do you have any tips when using blogger.
    7) Thanks in advance.

    ?) Also, I think my description sucks for when I'm adding myself to sites, could anyone possibly give me an idea with what I should put with the information on the site. Thanks.


  2. Your own post covered much of what I would normally say.

    When you move off blogspot, you will be able to apply a better skin and your ad placement will change. Your current ad placement is pretty decent.

    Your meta tag structure will also change when you move off blogspot. At that point, you should go through Joost de Valk's WordPress SEO: The Definitive Guide To High Rankings For Your Blog.

    What to add? A graphic in the banner would make the site more appealing, but that too should probably be done after the switch to WordPress.

    I think the topic is a great one. I wish I had known about iRobot (creators of the Roomba) and Kiva Systems early enough to invest in them when they were small.
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